10th July 2010

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Neil’s quite a star. But he isn’t carefully moulded to be in this band. He was like that from the moment we met him. He actually fits into what people perceive Suede as being much more than I do.
— Richard Oakes [about Neil]

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5th June 2010

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He’s got some pretty dodgy boxer shorts. Oh, and he always wears odd socks - he’s got a superstition about them. If you meet him look at his feet, he always has odd ones.
— Brett Anderson [on Neil]

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29th April 2010

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This is our album to do your hair to
— Neil Codling, on Coming Up

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28th April 2010


It was wonderful to write a songs with Neil. He gave a new flavour to the album
— Brett Anderson

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28th April 2010

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He`s my picture of Dorlan Gray.I just deteriorate behind the scenes and write these songs while he stands there looking cool.
— Brett Anderson, about Neil Codling

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26th April 2010

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Neil Codling is a 24-hour job
— Brett Anderson

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12th April 2010

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Q: “Have you ever had a homosexual experience with any member of the band?”
A: “No..I’ve tried to cuddle Neil, but he was all nails…”
— Brett Anderson, 1997 (via last-flowers)

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18th March 2010

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I find Suede’s keyboard player (Neil Codling) a bit odd. Everyone’s supposed to fancy him, but I can’t see Ocean Colour Scene fans fancying him. They’d probably want to batter him.
— Nicky Wire

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17th March 2010

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We used to tell all groupies, that if they wanted something different,
yet a nice love-experience, they should go to Neil’s hotel room. The
next day we hear the most bizarre stories with our morning tea
— Mat Osman

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16th March 2010

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